Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Calgon Moments and other Random stuff....

Really Sweet Cheeks? A lil' pillow fight through ya over the edge? "Welcome to my world Grandma"...your toes would be PRUNES if a pillow fight required Calgon Therapy!

I has been a Rage-a-licious day. Hubbie called and asked "how's the day going"...silence.
"Wow...so ya wanna tell me the details"...


"You need anything"?

"One way ticket to Mexico would be nice" (I'm just saying)

We can have GOOD, EVEN GREAT days, days of our definition of "normal". Which fools me EVERY-TIME..into thinking, "Hey we are getting it" .... I'm such a SUCKER!
I can have a straight run of two or three days, with out a 2-3 hour tantrum...and then I can have days like today.
It is AMAZING how the triggers that come out of nowhere!

For teenagers it can take a hormone surge,you simply asking a harmless question, you (heaven forbid) making them a Sandwich , when they a (gasp)wanted a bagel. Harmless my !*& when the rest of the day is shot with a steaming, grumpy, defiant person that melts you with their laser beam eyes.

"We are a Happy Family"...sorry, out of habit.

The hard thing with having bio siblings, or adopted siblings from the same O, or simply kids that had trauma in common (My duo that trigger each-other the most are my Domestic Scoobs and Pappilion) is they Trigger EACH-OTHER. If we have one problem in the morning, solve it, smooth it over (and this took MONTHS of practice to pull them out if there rages and help them turn their days around.
We have a 100% chance of THUNDER and LIGHTENING the rest of the day. It is like the chaos in their brains SPARK.

So yep...
Today started with Scoobs, ticked that Bugs wrote that competition essay, due today (that I had offered to help him with)...We were printing it off and getting the Cover page done...and he starts in with "I WANTED TO DO AN ESSAY TOO".

I hugged him "Bummer Dude, I offered a bunch of times, and I can see that your upset, we could write it just for us, today after school".
"NO I WANT TO WRITE ONE NOW".....sooooo yeah,after a gruesome half hour, he pulled it together to be able to go to school , but it was a L-O-N-G morning.

Next came Diva. I was out last night,playing Bunko having intellectual stimulation next door.
Some sweet friends , who mean well , showed up with treats and for a surprise visit.
Diva, spent the whole time trying to get the Friends Husbands attention, "pick me up, pick me up"...which is a major no-no at our house....

Hubbie sent the kids to bed , without addressing it, soooo I needed to. I tried to in a VERY gentle, non-shaming matter...and this is how WELL it went:

And yes DIVA is famous for shoe throwing....and no, not just at doors, hallways and down stairs. I have a lovely purple bruise on my right arm/elbow.

BEWARE...cause though she is supposed to keep the rage'n in her room.....We. Have. A. SNIPER. IN. THE. TOWER.

This was all before the little kids breakfast.
Sets quite the tone for the day eh?

Next came Senior Poopy pants, his lil' M.O. is taking his diaper off and filling his pants (in this case his footsie Jammie)...so bath-time,screaming, biting ...fun.

Kids dressed, fed, CLEAN UP Time....

Cookie is my quiet but deadly fella...He does not pull his own weight in the clean-up department, and his trigger is simple as "Go clean up your room", even if you send help...he will play with a toy, find something interesting to do , but NEVER joins in. This makes his siblings angry, and resentful....
If they come up to tell on him..He is already SOBBING and SCREAMING, cause "they were mean to him". Yes this sounds normal, but did I mention the crying lasts 2 hours?

School time, a little page, a little rage, a little pout, a little shout, via Chatter, struggling over learning Rhymes,....that ended up with a broken book, a torn up homemade game....and P.B. sobbing in protest.

Bummer Chatter, you had a field trip today, you are screaming so loud , the Therapist could not hear over the rage for me to cancel and say you would not be coming....I think she may have figured it out.

We had a big girl talk. I didn't shame, I was sad with her that she missed her Field Trip, natural consequence toots. We figured out, she wasn't really MAD at Peanutbutter, she was afraid, that because Peantbutter was picking up the rhyming game faster than she was, he was smarter and she was dumb. We cheered, we hugged, what a brave little girl to talk about her FEELINGS....

While this was going down, Papillion must have been missing out on the action , casue look up to see her putting on her shoes, walking to the frount door....
"Where ya go'n darlin", says I.

SLAM, says the door.

"Freakn' Awesome" says I , under my breath.

So I LOCKED the child outside, she will come back when she is cold....or maybe walk back to her home country. Oh well. (OK sooo I didn't do that REPEAT: DID NOT DO THAT...but sooo TEMPTING)

I was a GROWN-UP.
I went after her....because let's be honest...she wanted/needed that attention, and *IF* she had the tools , she would have said "Mom, you have given the little kids A LOT of attention today, and I feel left out."

But that is NOT how we roll. NOPE.

Sooo she was walking to the van, and sitting in the passenger seat "getting a book" so she says.
Well Sweet child o' mine....lets practice answering Mom, before you stomp out of the house....so we went back in and tried acting it out again. She was tooo agitated to participate...so with a little help from my friends.."The shorties", they took turns being Mom, and Papillion....Diva does an AWE SOME Papillion impression. Peanut butter's "MAMA" impression was wa-ay off.
They were hilarious!

We changed it up with them answering as their big sister...

"Hey Darlin' where ya going"...

They're answers,

"Be right back Mom, I'm going to go get...
a Doughnut!
a Pony!

She was still steaming, but cracked a lil' smile....we are still working on the Embers...but the blaze is gone.

Sooo anywho...there we are, lil' miss Calgon, you ain't got nuthin.
....but ya know a bubble bath tonight , does sound DIVINE!

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