Sunday, March 27, 2011


Sooo MUCH, I don’t put on here. SOOO MUCH, I hide and keep close in the safety and privacy of my home. I mean ..gosh I share A LOT…but some stuff is just not even close to things I want to talk about, write about or really think about. I am in that place right now and IT. SUCKS. Sorry about the unanswered e.mails, posts, face book messages, I have read them, prayed for you thought about what you had to say…had great responses and then have been too numb to answer….many of you know this place…it is called AUTO PILOT…and I will be in it for as long as it takes to get to a better place. I have not slept in five straight days..not. a. wink.

• So,I have been a lil' MIA, and not blogging as much...this week will be a crucial one for me, and my family. Faiths Mama gets out of Prison on Friday. My oldest is in respite and will be for another two weeks...out of six kids that can talk, four don't want her back at all. I feel like I am letting go or loseing two of my children for very differant reasons at once. Not sleeping much these days...went away for the weekend with my family....leaving for the Parenting in Space Conference on Friday...I am running away, and letting my hubbie face Faiths Birth Mom alone...I can't do it, hand the baby back...I have had her since she was three hours old!!! I need new tools, face to face Trauma- Mama’s that are doing this and now is a good time...see I am not as tough as you all thought I am..I am a BIG GIANT wimp….and I need your prayers.
So until further notice….AUTO PILOT will have to do.


  1. praying for the decisions you will be making and praying that your time away gives you just the right tools you need to work with where your kids are at....

  2. Sending up prayers for you. I get auto-pilot since I am there now.

    Enjoy the conference and your recharge time.

  3. Hugs to you, sweet lady. My prayers are with you. Sometimes all we can do is just keep swimming (and swimming and swimming).

  4. Oh Lindsay, my heart is with you. I am praying for you.

  5. heart is sad for you:( Your doing all you can and the best you can right now. The stress, sadness and loss you must feel handing over Mia...I can't imagine. I'm glad you get to get away for a short time, to take a breath/hide/cry. Thinking about you and sending you a big squeeze :)xoxo

  6. (((hugs))) and aching hearts right along with you.

  7. Oh Lindsay, I'm so sorry.
    Hugs girlfriend.
    I wish I knew you were coming in for Parenting in Space, we live 15 mins from the Arboretum.
    Trauma Sucks. Sucks.