Sunday, January 8, 2012

Throwing"The Crazy" it’s own PAR-TAY....

We are all still recovering from the “WOnkalishious Backlash of the Holidays. Everyone still standing? We are! Kinda, sorta, and better than I expected in some ways, and in others …wellllllllll.......
Eh, It is what it is.

We planned and prepared and danced our hiney’s off…it was still hard, and A LOT of work. Family came for Christmas Eve . But left that night and we did Christmas and the Day after on our own, with tons of room for “big feelings”, and sabotage.

We have learned (sometimes the HARD way) what holidays, but even more so, days like birthdays where one person is specifically celebrated invites unsavory behavior, infact these days are often all around hard on everyone. BUT, they so necessary for the special one involved…and important in my kids healing in learning to celebrate and love others. Then allowing, even WELCOMING the BIG FEELINGS that come afterward. Heck today we threw “BIG FEELINGS” it’s stinkn’ own party.


Yesterday Scooby chose to be baptized. I am not sure he was ready. He wanted to do it. I shut up and supported his willing little heart and figured, this is something positive he wants. He may not understand all of what his baptism and confirmation means, but he loves God, and wants to be better…and. That. Is. Good.
So stop analyzing Lindsay, and cork your worries and make the friggin’ cupcakes.

It was a beautiful day.
Scooby was so happy.
Family came. Friends supported. I was smart and made it easy on myself…afterwards, instead of cleaning my house and having it perfect, (yeah like that is going to happen)NO ONE was invited over, we went to a local restaurant of SCoobs choice, had cupcakes, and bid everyone farewell from there.


Even more touching, right behind me in line were missionary’s from my church, one from Mississippi (and yes I so sang the song in my head to spell M-i-ss-i-ss-i-pp-i correctly) and one from Texas, I bought them their meals, Scoobs handed them cupcakes and took pictures with them…There was something so Serindipity-licious about that very moment.

There was mild sabotage  in the form of a couple pre-baptism tantrums by siblings, there was pee. There was pouting and all around misery watching someone else be celebrated. There we dozen’s of “YAY ME” promptings.
There was one GRAND MAUL Massive blow out that evening.
We dealt with GINORMOUS Feelings lovingly.

That night, while lying in bed , we prepared for ROUND 2.
I would like to name these kind of days “THE DREADED DAY AFTER” and there has to be a strategy...*most* of my kids have the self control to enjoy the day of revelry, they get to partake of the yummy food and the fun…but the day after OY…that is when we tend to let all those “Big Feelings” hang out, ALL the way out.
Today, Scooby is going to church, he is standing in front of the congregation, and being recognized as a new member. He will be sung to in Primary. Five children and I will not be there. My heart is sad for that.

BUT. It is his day and not mine and I have a job to protect that with a reverence.

We are having “Backwards Day” today. We are CELERBRATEING THE MORNING AFTER!!! We woke early, let the more Nerou typical kiddo’s in on what we were doing…and started planning and decorating. We wrote “place cards” backwards, and had the kids sit in assigned seats, which curbs arguments…though
they did not realize the evil genius of that.
We made a sign. We used Balloons from yesterdays Restaurant. We began with Desert first…and finished up all of the cupcakes, so they could curb that stress of knowing we had them…then we had pizza, and then blessed our food..

  We have already had some “Big Feelings” spill over. We cleaned them up, called them for what they were, and moved on. ....there will be A LOT of "moving on" today.
Now we are having our Movie Night. It is 10 a.m. in the morning; we are in jammies with Bean Bags, and eating Pop corn.

Hubbie will be taking Scoobs, Bug, PB and Faith to Grandma’s for a “Special Dinner”.
I will stay home and keep the other kids worlds as small as possible.

Soon there will be a long healthy quiet and nap time. There will be hula hoping after naps, there may be swim suits and popsicles in Bathtubs… there will be pancakes for dinner…there will be fun, and wacky and the TOTALLY BACKWARD.

I will reward my self and do something TOTALLY BACKWARDS as well…I will nap, I will take care of myself, I will read something other than a parenting book…I will love on myself too…how awesomely backwards is that?

Happy Backwards day ya’ll!