Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Monday

Most Monday mornings....I can here the "Mama's and the Papa's" singing his song in my head.

I would LOVE to hear how you big/home schooling family Mama's do it!
I am wasted by the end of a Monday.

I start with wake up at:
Gym and shower get home by .....

6:30 Wake up older kids Breakfast Scriptures

7:05 Take oldest to early morning Seminary (Bible Class)

7:45 Scoobs and Bugs to school

8:00 Wake 6 lil kids

8:24 Pick-up oldest, drop of at therapy at


Run Home
Dressing, feeding breakfast , clean up for lil kids

10:30 Pick up oldest (Everyone is fully clothed and in car)
11:00 Tutoring for oldest
12:00 Tutoring for Chatter (We do lunch somewhere between now and later)
1:30 Pick up of Bugs and Scooby
1:45 Therapy Appointment for Chatter
2:24 Therapy Appointment for Scooby
3:30 leave to take Papillion to Dance (way across town)
4:00 Get to Dance (try to do Homework in Van while we wait)
6:00 Finished with Dance
7:00 Dinner
8:00 Baths and Bed Time
8:30 I pass out in my clothes,knowing I still have laundry and dishes...

Yes for the entirety of Mondays this is my "Home away from Home"

I should LOVE my van...I really am grateful for it. I HATE to drive it. May it be known in the Blogity Universe...I am NOT the best driver...and driving a BUS is scary! Parking it is a nightmare...trying to see behind you requires a neck that can spin around at a CRAZY degree (ever seen The Exersist)....backing up requires prayer and pure FAITH.

Lets just say I drive like I spell...all the best intentions in the world..but lack in the execution.
Add a car fully loaded with LOUD restless littles, and a tired Mama...I must have Guardian Angels surrounding us whenever we go out!
Minus the smell of petrified chicken nuggets and it being the home to abandoned toys, and random mismatched shoes...It gets us where we need to go.

I did get to read and FINISH this today:

So YEAH!!!! I will be going to book club this Wednesday knowing my book, and not just for the Papa Murphy's Delight Pizza...(hope you have seen these commercials to get that joke...) Hardy har, har.

Anywho...Hope ya'll are surviving your MOnday, Mondays...I am daydreaming of a nap just about NOW!



  1. What did you think of that book? I almost ordered it the other day, 'cause I thought the movie preview looked good, and I would like to read the book first, but I hadn't talked to anyone who read it... let me know if it is worth my time!

    I need a "not good for me" book to read, I am getting a little tired of sledging through the "being a better me/parent/wife/friend" books :)

    My days (before 2:15) aren't nearly as crazy as yours- but after that time, yowza.. let the games begin.

    I still haven't showered today- and it is 8pm :)

  2. I want to know about the book too. Is it clean? Language and morality both?

    I have enough filth in my life, I don't want to read any.

  3. TWO of my favorite ladies!
    Carol and Tanya…someday (in my dreams) we get to go on a Mama cruise….(I’m just saying)….how AWESOME would that be?
    Sooo I am (to be honest) a little liberal when it comes to books.
    I really did enjoy it.
    I LOVE Historical fiction, especially well written historical fiction when it describes a time period, and a culture I am fascinated with. This was both for me. The Circus culture is very, very interesting. The great depression is heartbreaking, and a VERY good reminder what people survive, and sacrifice to do so.
    Is it a happy, ponies and rainbows book, no. Did I feel depressed by it, not at all. I think the weight of what I/we deal with on a daily basis, made me relate with the characters, doing the best they could, and as a whole trying hard to have a pretty decent moral code, despite their struggles and hardships.
    Was there language, a little. The F-bomb, I remember once. Violence, yes, but not hugely descriptive and mostly the unsaid is what breaks your heart. Elephants being my favorite animal since I was young…I cried when she was being beat.

    I really adored the main character. He by definition was a good young man, with a good moral code. He talks about being the worlds oldest virgin.
    What I did not *Love* was the main character, obviously falls in love with an abused married woman. There is one scene in the book (I skipped it so can’t tell you the details), where they do finally become intimate, and I did not like the tone of the book, you rooting for her to be unfaithful, despite her abuse, fear and neglect. (Woman, leave the guy)

    There is also on scene in the book, where the “hooch” tent, (the peep show) most 1920s-1930’s circus’s provided for their male clients is described. Not x rated…but descriptive.
    One last part in the book (I skipped) was when the main character, was almost “taken advantage” of by the Hooch tent dancer….but was a very small part, and really, I felt was more about you being worried about him being an innocent.

    That said. The way it is written, I flew through it, didn’t feel like there was a dull moment.
    I adored one of themes about really respecting, understanding and empathizing with the elderly character. It made me think a lot how people in nursing homes are treated…how much more honor they deserve, and how much they have to teach us , if we listen, their stories are really pretty amazing.

    So yes, did I like the book, very much. Would I recommend it, depends on how you feel about some of the issues it addresses.

    And TANYA...I so *get* not getting a shower in...I I don't ghet one before the littles are up at 8...I am out of luck!

    I adore you two!

  4. That would be so great to go on a cruise or something- I have to say I am a little jealous of the mommies who are/were in Florida recently!!!

    I have read so many "how to be a good parent" books in a row- I am ready for something different!

    And I adore you and Carol as well....