Friday, March 11, 2011

There are just some things you don't mess with School District 25!!!

Yes, we Mama Bears can be Sweet, Protective, loving, tender, but don't you mess with our cubs!

Since the kids came home February of last year...there were a lot of myths and hopes I had surrounding how my home life, our relationships and even educating my children would go.

90% of them were false.

One of my biggest myths was thinking Papillion's need/want to be home with me, to build our relationship and catch her up educationally, would be something she would be on board with.

Five days after she got home, she was ready to sign up for the local high school. The other problem was her complete belief that she would be entering High School musical, and Zac Ephron like stud would be her boyfriend.
*not kidding here.

Sooo we began in a compromise, Seminary, (a release bible study class) at the local high school, and she could occasionally eat her lunch there and socialize with the other kids, and then the next school year, look at where she is at and get her in school.

Imagine how SUPRISED I was, when I learned that there was NO ESL (English Second Language program, at the local high school.


Oh, see they have moved the program, to...the alternative high school.
Did your mouth gape open a little bit?

YEP, don't ask me HOW...but, a year or two ago the School District moved the ESL kids to the Alternative High school, so to break it down...the kids that don't speak English well, are NOW going to school, with the children that have been kicked out of, or had enough behavior problems to go to, this Alternative High School.
*Don't get me wrong, I have nooo problem with Alternative High Schools, or the kids...just not the place for a naive teenager, with little English skills desperate for friends and no realistic grasp of American culture.

So I threw a stink. I called School counselors, arranged meetings with the District psychologist, wrote letters, and called everyone I could think of. I bared those Mama Bear teeth.

I stood on a soap box, HOW is it Ethical to throw a bunch of children that are socially fragile, into a potentially unsafe environment with peers that certainly are not going help them be the best that they can be. Lets be honest, it feels a little prejudicial, let’s put the potentially "problematic" kids all together.

I have stalked the poor school counselor, though he tries to stay neutral, he has been kind, lended an ear and really endured all my ranting and raving
advocating for my child.

I got a phone call today...LOL

"Is this the Mama Bear".

"Speaking", I said through a smile.

"Well, you did it".


"Next year the ESL classes and teachers will be moved back to the Regular High Schools, all over the District".

I blubbered a "Thank you"..and ran to find Papillion.

There may have been a little couch jumping involved....
We can change the impossible.(Thanks Carol) We CAN FIGHT for what is right and fair for our children....Keep on bearing those teeth Mama's!!! God is in the details, and he listens, to prayers, even if they are muffled into the carpet soaked with tears!!!!!
Happy Friday!


  1. AWESOME!!!! We're currently engaged in a battle against the school ourselves. Not fun! But, I got what I wanted, too...a full evalulation done on my son. They threw a stink, I threw a bigger one. They HAVE to do it and they know it. They just don't want to. All they ever see is my adorably charming son. The don't see all the gaping holes in his development or that he's a loose cannon that could go off at any minute.

  2. that is wonderful! Great job sticking to your guns!

  3. Good for you Linds and GREAT for the kids :) Sometimes the claws gotta come out to be heard and get what you need.