Sunday, March 6, 2011

Friday update of the "Purge"

I would share more pictures...but, let me just don't want to know! I am successfully getting rid of one third of most rooms!
The linen closet, check. The laundry room, check. Peanut butter and Cookies room and clothes, check. ALL of the shoes (imagine around 300 pairs), check, coats and jackets, check. Papilions room, check.
Kitchen office, cupboards and School cupboards, check.

So I still have mine and hubbies room to go.
Diva and Chatters room and clothes.
Dude and Scoobs room and clothes.
The kitchen, Play room.
The storage room (Uggg) is half way there.

I have to say it is AMAZEING the time you save, not shuffling through the junk you don't need clouding up finding the stuff you are looking for WOWZA's!

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