Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First Day DOWN!!!!

O.K. Ladies how are we doing on our Sugar intervention? Now I want to be HONEST!
I didn't take my other food crutches out of the picture, I'm not a "cold turkey" kind a girl...I have to wean myself off those comfort foods...If admitting it took 6 months
wean my baby girl off breast feeding is any indication...I am TALKING, baby steps...
It's not my fault..It's a' somethin'.
But I have learned, for me, cravings always begin with SWEETS/sugar..and I get to a point I am eating Oreo's by the handful, and I don't even LIKE Oreo's!!!

Sooooo how we doing? Everyone (O.k. the two of you that signed on publicly), doing OK so far...It's hard! I discovered a 10 pack of mini Kit-Kats in my freezer today...I gave em to my 9 in the morning (my kids think I have lost it) , now they are hyper, and LOVING life. I hand fed it to my teenager while she was doing school on the computer and told her it was to help her be sweet... I LOVE when she rolls her eyes at me, but really is digging something that I am doing!!!


So report time, how ya doing? Want any menu idea's?
This was my DESERT last night:

NO COMPLAINTS! ....It was like a bowl of summer! I hardly EVER buy fresh berries, unless they are in season (too expensive)...but if I am honest with myself they cost as much as the fancy Ice Cream I like!

P.S. My spinning class this morning TRULY kicked my BUTT!
But in a good feel like a rock-star when you are finished!!!!
Good Luck!

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