Thursday, March 3, 2011

SPRING CLEANING vs. Give up and just light a match

Soooo I may or may have have totally lost it on my family had some inspiration last night and started unloading closets, drawers in a frenzy, completely organized rational way, and started my mid life crisis, spring cleaning.

Dear old "Before the Invasion" House,
I remember you; I can barley see the skeleton of the well organized, clean, a place for everything, and everything a place house, you once were. Like so many things I didn't appreciate you then. I thought nicer carpet and leather couches would make me like you better, but alas, I miss those days. Now I would settle for not having marks and holes in your lovely walls. Minus the petrified boogers on the walls the paint color is quite pretty. No bleached stains on the carpet, where a well meaning child has meant well by trying to clean up their own pee. Doors with hinges that work are days of the past...and yet I just have to say "Thank you", thank you for taking all of the abuse my family has to offer. Thank you for giving my kiddo's security, a warm place to sleep and some pretty incredible memories.
I have learned a house is not just four walls, it is a place I may never escape from HOME where my children, can grow, learn to love and heal in.

Love Always,

We doubled our home by half the people last year...with that came many donations, extra clothes, shoes and toys. We. are. drowning. in. crap.
So I am pledging HALF, O.K. more like 1/3 of the STUFF and THINGS in my home, (that just add to the stress and to-do's I could be giving time to my family instead)...IT is OUT OF HERE. I mean it, I am getting rid if half of our clothes, half of our toys, the kitchen utensils I don't use, so I can find the ones that I do....IT. IS. TIME.TO.SIMPILFY.

So if ya know where I live...and you see flames, I gave up....THERE WILL BE AN EPIC YARD SALE, one the likes of this Po'dunk town aint eva seen before!

My goal is to donate, half to a charity/Orphanage (I will have to pray about it) and the other, for a family trip this summer.

HERE WE GO...and just in case anybody got a match?


  1. I have the very same goal...except it's such an overwhelming task now that I don't even know where to start.

  2. I remember that day....I mean the clean organized way it use to be. OH how I miss it. I found after 7 kids that it was either a clean house or sanity (well at least as sane as I get) I chose sanity. Every once in awhile I think maybe I made the wrong choice though mostly on days I can't find my shoes or a hairbrush...who knew the brush is kept under the bed?

  3. Good Luck Diana! Nice to know I am not alone in the Mission of Sorting though Mayhem!
    How many days, hours, seconds, until we have our retreat?

    Nicloe, I have long given up on sanity! You know where hairbrushes are kept! Gasp! I have gotten desperate enough to try a Barbie comb!
    Miss you!