Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Peace Out Sugar!

Good bye Sugar Highs...and consequently Sugar Lows....

I dare ya to join me.
I am on a quest. More like a personal journey, O.K., O.K. ...If I can make it a week BOO-YA!
To say I need a lil' detox would be pushing it. I need a MAJOR "back away from the cookies, licorice, anything that is sweet" INTERVENTION.

HEY LADY STEP AWAY FROM THE SNICKERS BAR.(It doesn’t matter if they are snack-sized and frozen , if you eat TWENTY…you are eating 4 KING SIZE Snickers Bars)

How do I know? I get to a point, I feel like CRAPOLA. I find myself eating candy, treats, things that I really don't even *like*, at an alarming rate.

In truth, am I eating when I am stressed, tired , bored, need something to fill me up, yes folks , she (as in ME) is eating her feelings, and because her feelings are Crappy, she is eating C.R.A.P.

So I decided, before the glorious season of Easter Candy really hits hard , and those FABULOUS , Giant Malt Ball eggs , become my breakfast lunch a dinner...I need to STOP.

This is not about size, or being on a diet, so please no (oh Linds your a fine size, you don't need a diet *whatever, she's in her thirties folks*)
this is about how the refined, sweet poison makes me feel.
I feel gittery, anxious, out of sorts and just plain YUCKY.

Anyone wanna give it a go with me?
The goal is simple, trying to eat foods with less than 7 grams of sugar, or sugar alcohol, per serving. The first day is HARD...(Diet Dr. Pepper, is an awesome sweet tooth fix, as are Sobe Waters)...but I have found after the couple day hump, I don't crave it anymore. I am not eating mini snickers out of the freezer, like the junkie that I am.

I LIKE natural sugars more and am more drawn to something healthy , instead of refined.
Mmmmmm like a bowl of fresh berries, an apple with Almond Butter.
I AM NOT GIVING UP WHOLE GRAIN CARBS (I am not *THAT* crazy), or anything BUT refined sugar. Baby steps, Linds, baby steps.

It's like a little check up, from the neck up for me....just a little chance for me to screw my head on a little tighter AND LISTEN TO MY BODY.

Anyone want to join my crazy wagon?...I really want to give this a go until Easter.

Peace out sugar you Wiley-She-DEVIL...I don't need ya!


  1. I'll join ya! I've been doing this for a couple of weeks now. However those Samoa Girl Scout cookies are so tempting...but there are no more in my freezer. And the Dark Chocolate truffles are gone too.

    Now I just have to work on getting the children to eat all the goldfish crackers in the house....when stressed I want a CRUNCH and well one handful is never enough....


  2. Kick my booty and hold me accountable girl! I need to do it for about a million reasons. I'm in. Just wish I could get my hubs to quit with the ice cream.

    Good luck with having Ice Cream in the House..I would be TOAST!

    Cynthia, LOL...I ate up all the good/sugary stuff too...Hey I still have things that go crunch..we can't talk ALL comfort food things away! :0)

  4. I am so there.... try having to cut out ALL sugar/sweetener except FOS and Stevia....Gluten, potatoes, corn and yes folks Dairy!!!!... It kicked my butt and took a couple of months to wean myself off of but I feel SOOOOOO much better! Lots of salads tons of fruits and Almonds Yes I said almonds-- it makes great almond milk, almond butter and almond flour is the new flour!!!!!! Talk about thinking outside of the box!!!! Do it!!!! you will feel so much better! It is hard at first -- just look for the things that you can eat-- not what you can't......

  5. I'm with ya Linds :) I eat chocolate chips by the cup and it needs to stop.... :(

  6. WOW Airica...I CAN'T IMAGINE how tough that would be...but you are right, a healthy Mama had more strength and energy to deal with the *shtuff* our kiddo's can dish out. Taking care nof our selves ,makes US better Mama's!!!

    Deanna! I feel ya! I started on a diet called "The Flat Belly Diet", trying to get rid of my prendizone belly...but the dang thing allowed Semi Sweet Chocolate chips..I was tossing them in baggies and munching them and became addicted. literally!

    So Happy I am NOT alone!!! :0)

  7. I'm so sick I had to quit sugar and all sorts of grains as well. Bread isn't food to me, it's a slow poison. Crackers, chips, pizza dough, rice, corn, all those things were gradually killing me. About 3 days after switching to the slow carb diet (basically meat + non-starchy veggies + legumes (peas and beans of all sorts)) I felt a freedom and release from all the cravings and subsequent sickness when I would binge on sugar or grains. Before, there was never an amount of sweets that would satisfy me. On the way home from eating at Cheesecake Factory and getting a whole piece for dessert, I wanted to stop for ice cream. Or get Cheetos and cupcakes at the convenience store. Or get a dozen chocolate covered custard filled Krispy Kremes to have in the freezer. Nothing was ever enough to make me full. I'd eat until I felt sick, then as soon as the nausea passed I'd feel deep cravings for more.

    The slow carb diet has made me feel so much better for the last two weeks now. I've lost weight but more importantly I'm feeling more energy and controlling my blood sugar more easily. Yes, I'm diabetic as well as having Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Immune Depletion, plantar fasciitis, Hypothyroid, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Barrett's esophagus, and obstructive sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. I feel everything getting better. Stay tuned but I'm very excited about the possibility of getting my health back.

    I'm just reclassifying grains not as food but as fattening agents and metabolic poisons similar to alcohol. I'm counting them as Word of Wisdom violators for me now, unless used medicinally. And I find I don't want to eat them anymore. I don't want that desperate hungry feeling back again. I like being able to eat a nutritious filling diet and have it feel like enough. It's a miraculous breakthrough for me.

    So good luck with your sugar addiction. It really is an addiction, I think.