Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beyond Consequences LIVE in SLC by Heather Forbes!!!

Calling all Mama's and Papa's Parenting TRAUMA....Calling all Mama's pulling their hair out and doing the BEST that they can....

COME TO Beyond Consequences Live!

When: April 30th
Where: Salt Lake City UT

If you’ve done logic, consequences, behavior modification, yelling, isolation, and more, all to find out that it didn’t work, or even made things worse, you know what it is like to find yourself beyond your window of tolerance. This parenting training can change all of that.


My friend Carol found a house to rent, there are room for SIX more people (Mama's.
The more Mammas the less expensive it will be (like $25 per person a night) *if* we fill it up!!!!
Check out the digs!!!
It's got 2 bedrooms and a full kitchen and a hot tub. It can sleep 5-6.

E.mail me personally if you are down with hanging some super cool ladeis and learning some wonderful tools to parent you lil' peeps!

Here's the Carrot:

Hello Hot Tub...come on, I know you wanna come!!!!


  1. Uh...don't reserve that house just yet. Your link doesn't work, but the BCI live in Salt Lake is April 30th. It's a one day event on a Saturday from 9am-4pm.

    I couldn't find where the March event was on her site. I think I heard about something in Denver during those dates, though.

  2. It's not just a Mama's event, either. Bring your husbands!!! Mine is coming! He even danced with Heather on stage last year. Can't wait to give that woman a hug, by the way!

  3. LOL! Whoops I put in the dates of something else I have planned!!! (and holding a VERY angry elf while writeing this with one hand!)
    Thanks I FIXED it! My hubbie might come,up, but an over nighter for both of us is impossible right now!I'll go check to see if the link is fixed...thanks for having my back!

    P.S. Sooo cool your husband danced with her on stage...Scoobs is missing school today for one HECK of a morning..trying to find the strength for the day!

  4. If I didnt have plans almost every weekend in Apil and May I would surely go. Sounds like so much fun. Keep me posted on anything else you do and maybe I can make it once in a while. Would love to visit with you.