Monday, February 28, 2011

If the Mama aint Happy....

Well most days the crazy starts with me. If I am not rejuvenated, ready for the day, they can sniff that out on me and man o' man that is a bucket full-o-crazy!
If I am feeling resentful, tired, sick, am I going to give them all I’ve got, if what I got no one should be buying?

We as mothers hear it ALL of the time ,the light hearted "Take care of yourself". I am saying this in a bossy (I have nine children, this is NO STRECH for me), no-nonsense sort of way (imagine my hands on my hips) TAKE. CARE. OF. YOUR. SELF.
One way or another our sweeties are going to figure out one way or another to get their needs met. I know there are not enough hours in the day, I know what your (at least my) laundry pile looks like. But if we do not nurture ourselves, how on this planet can we nurture our children, even more so our kids with special needs.

I am no Guru...promise; I am as guilty as the next lady finding solace in a soda and snickers bar. Diet Dr. Pepper to be exact...but there are a couple other tips and tools I have learned along this bumpy year.

I have Lupus, was diagnosed when I was 17. I have chronic pain and little to no immune system. By joints ache, my muscles get tired, but I still have nine children, regardless of my body’s protests of "GET YOUR BOOTY BACK IN BED".
Soo lets talk about sleep, exercise, eating, you time, and lets be a little selfish right now.

What I do, (you gotta do what works for you.)

I need my endorphins, they are like a drug for me, and get those achy traitorous joints lose and functioning.
I wake up 90% of all weekends at 5:00 a.m.
I hit the Gym. I live in Narnia...where HALF of the year is FREEZING. So during that half, I walk/run, take spinning classes, and swim. P.S. Yes I LOVE my water aerobics,(you can call me a Grandma if you want to..I love my elderly friends, they think I am a Rock-Star) there is something soothing about the water. I love laps, and the quiet time I get with myself.

DOSE it SUCK getting up that early ...uhhh yeah, was it a major sacrifice of sleep to do so, YEP, at first...and there are days it STILL is...but , once I get there...Here are my list of bonuses:

* I feel like I accomplished something positive
* There are BIG NICE people, who smile at you.
* Aggression and frustration can be wiped out in a sweet rockn' spinning session...your legs and butt HURT to much to "feel" grumpy
*Just walking, gives me a healthy rhythm, I can take with me during the day.
* I shower there Mon, Wends, Fri...I get a shower IN!!!! Now I may be missing my pretty mosaic tile and not dig the wearing of flip flops...but NO ONE opens my Shower curtain to tattle. I get to finish the whole thing without solving a fight, or to tell someone where something, is, GENIUS!
*During the summer, I go on one mile walks with my littles, followed by another mile jog with my 7+ older kids....and then most nights, with a Neighbor or a friend, or my handsome Hubs, we hit a fast paced stroll or jog.

So yup waking up at 5...another tricks I have up my proverbial sleeve, is the 10 minute snooze. I don't "Snooze", I pray, I meditate, I ask for help with my day, for patience, for the will to do it again. Those are a precious 10 minutes that are mine. They make all of eth difference for me.

So exercise, Personal prayer time/meditation...and the devotional, or scripture tape, to and from the gym...and I have checked off:
....and the short people haven't even woken up yet!!!

Another is requiring a nap or quiet time, all Mama's need that break in the day to have something to look forward to. Even if the littles and Biggies are too hyper vigilant for sleep during the day, books, or book on tape, puzzles, in their rooms...and get yourself a HUGE icy cup o' the Doctor, Diet Dr. Pepper, that is a nice cup of tea, with lemon.

A great, cleansing drink I use when I am stressed bloated, feeling the

*I make it in BIG Spring water Jugs (real classy over here)

2 Liters Water
1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger
1 medium cucumber peeled and sliced thinly
1 medium lemon sliced thin and de-seeded
12 mint leaves
Let seep over night.

Other lifesavers for me are, my kids have alarms in there rooms, the kids that don't go to school, may wake up whenever they please, but they are not allowed downstairs, until we all go down together. they can wake, play on their rooms, clean up, get dressed, but must wait until I invite them down stairs, with me. The stealing has gone down, by half, since we have implemented this rule.

Another is at meal time. My kiddo's used to eat so fast, just for the seconds, I never had a chance to sit down, and eat with my family. The new *rule* is that , no matter "how fast" they finish their first serving, they must wait until Mom has finished her plate, before requesting seconds, or to leave the table. The control at mealtimes has gotten MUCH better.

Nights that I am DONE. I know you know what I am talking about.
These are the nights I have:

*Essential oils for a bath and book.
*My ipod full of my tunes for a walk outside or run to the gym, or take my cell phone and call a friend
*Emergency cash tucked away for a walk around, Tj Maxx

If we don't let ourselves be important too, when our buckets are empty, what are we gonna use to fill our lil' munchkins up with?

Love yourself. Take Care of yourself. Advocate for yourself!

-K- my hands are off my hips now.
Have a fabulous day!

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  1. amen!

    my mommy life is very different then yours, i am a single mom of 2 NT girls but i also have the "mom gets to eat" rule too. i get crannnky when hungry so after preparing and feeding both girls, i get to eat MY dinner before i go feeding my oldest for the second time! lol

    loving the blog, im just catching up on archives right now, your children are gorgeous :)