Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GREAT links, blogs and places to go for Idea's HELP and SANITY!!!!

Thank you to everyone who has sent me stuff,
sent me supportive messages, or just given a "BOOOYA!" "I sooo live this life" shout out!

Check these links out:
http://www.hopeforhealingtrauma.com/ (This one came highly recommended)

Blogs that say it WAY better than I do!
http://goldtorefine.blogspot.com/ (I have been lurking on this one for a while)

http://www.welcometomybrain.net/ (Christine is honest about everything, I love the way she writes, and puts it all out there)...she has FABULOUS, tear jerking you tube video's...one if which I am going to post in a minute, dedicated to the STILL ALIVE Five year old in my care. :0)
Read on, these blogs are honest, fabulous...and doing the real work of parenting Trauma.
Next ...lets talk books we are reading, ones we like ones we think are "Ridicerous!"


  1. As ever you are too stubborn to be anything other than AMAZING!! No matter how long it takes, we are making things better. God hasn't given up on these kids-- that's why he gave them to us. Obviously there must be something we can do to help. Sigh, if only we could get some sleep we might be able to get on with it!
    :) Miss you!

  2. Miss you too Diane! Can't WAIT to see your new house! Time for a M.I.H. retreat?

  3. Welcome to blogging....Glad I found your blog. I had a hard time getting started too and I go back and forth between feeling like an "ok" blogger and a lousy one. If truth be told it keeps me sane and helps me keep perspective on all the crazies that go on in our house. I also wanted to say that your description of your 2 year old really resonated with me...My youngest came at 2 and 1/2 and he CRIED and WHINED (and tantrumed) ALL THE TIME in his sleep, awake, at meals...I can soooooo relate although I never thought about it as a crying/whining addiction. It took almost 2 years for it to subside... I look forward to reading more from you!

  4. Thanks! I have been a blog lurker for a while on your blog, what a BEAUTIFUL family you have!! I get the keeping you sane, I think the blogging gives me more perspective, and reading about other families, helps me not feel soooo ALONE.

    HOW DID YOU SURVIVE TWO years of the constant wailing gnashing of teeth? I have one year down and the kids has me CRAZED some-days. FUN MUSIC turned up loud and dancing seems to be my solve all when I feel like losing it. I try try try to keep my eyes kind, but MERCY!
    I would LOVE to hear what worked for you!

  5. Thanks for the resources! I'm checking them out. I need to find a group of parents who are dealing with all this stuff pretty desperately. I'd love to join any sort of community of parents. I'd be eternally grateful to anyone who can show me the way.