Monday, February 21, 2011

Just Cause It JUST HAppened.....The Case of Immaculate Peeing, It can happen

AUGH! (yes I am aware it does not sound like it has been a good morning..and it is 8:27 a.m. on a snowy presidents day.
We silly silly Grown-up set our selfs up.

We ran out of diapers yesterday.
We do have five in shockingly, it happens OFTEN.
Two babies 24/7...and Chatter, Diva and Cookie night time only.

Well....we were tired/lazy and did not want to go out on a snowy Sunday my Hubs decided to "cheerfully Challenge" the 3 night-timers to try really hard to stay dry. (The biggest reason they pee, is not a bladder control problem, more like a control issues with drinking water and waking in the middle of the night to slurp it out of the sink.)

We tried a myriad of other behavior modifications for this ..and well the diaper saves me laundry...and it is the path of least resistance right now. (You might offer "mattress cover advice" nay dear one, the short peeps KNOW what the purpose of those are for...sooo the cut them off the mattress..with scissors, ripping them,chewing them off with their teeth, if needs be. I have bought 8 in the last 9 months)

So again Hubs puts the Challenge out their over dinner, he hangs the carrot of their sweet reward. ( The Mama is not buying this for a second, this will NOT END WELL)...but sometimes the Mom can't always we in charge.

Diva's eyes are calculating ...I CAN SEE IT!

Sooo we cuddle, pray, p.j.'s and brush teeth.

I find Diva's FAVORITE Princess Tiana P.J.'s thinking ....I have a better chance of her NOT wanting to Pee these bad boys...

We kiss em , we tickle em...we put em to bed.

Now 10 minutes ago,Hubs comes down stairs,"I have good news, and bad News".
I already know.
I smile and ask what's up.
Chatter and Cookie got through the night.
Noot soo much...but it gets better...cause miraculously the BED HAS BEEN PEED, but the Princess Tiana Jammies are DRY.

Hence "The Case of the Immaculate Pee".

Sooooo. Babe-girl brings down the wet bedding, we don't say ANYTHING..other than "THANKS FOR HELPING US CLEAN THIS UP". Months ago, there would have been shaming, would have been a "BIG TALK" "Investigation with proof"....but that. is. exactly. what. she. wants.

Yes, I know she did it on purpose. In fact I know that she put her day time clothes BACK ON...peed them while sitting on her bed,and then changed back into dry BEAUTIFUL Princess Tiana P.J.'s.

I have hugged her today.
I did not blow up.
She wants me to remind her how worthless and naughty she is.
Instead I shut that bad-boy down. I ignore the the control we tried to create, and let the natural consequences fall as they may. I am a BUSY Mom, it's a holiday, and Child-Willing I am going to have BUMMER, I probably won't get that bedding washed dried and back on the bed before bedtime! Bummer Diva, will probably sleep on a naked mattress. Shucks Ma'am!
It's a little like taking your life back.



  1. I'm not a trauma mama but I read a lot of blogs similar to yours and this post NEEDS some loving, between this and the previous recount of a trip to the farmer's market; you blow my miiiiiind lady!

  2. Rereading! Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  3. Rereading! Thank you so much for sharing your story.