Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"To the DEATH...."

Do you have a child that says this with their eyes, whenever they buckle down and head straight on for a head butting match?
Meet Scooby, OK Diva and Papillion do this too...but Holey Shamoley ...this is Scooby's expertise. He could write a "How-to-Book" on the topic.

Case and Point
Date: Today
Time: 2:45ish From the Second he got Home from School -until- "Is he asleep yet?"
Purpose: TO DESTROY!!!!

Scoobs is my domestically adopted little Heart of Gold man. He has a Lions heart and deep down can be tender and loving.That is when he is NOT trying to destroy you.

I had a great hour and half conversation with his therapist today. Man do I love that lady. She validates, suggests,abd helps form plans of attack on the behaviors ...

Picked up lil' man from school today. "Hey-a-buddy how was school? SO glad to see ya!!!"
Mom starts to drive out of the-round-about and the child has not yet sat, nor buckled...though all of the others have done so.
"DUDE the bus stops in the peeps aren't buckled".
Then you see it ...the bottom jaw. juts out in non-compliance.

The stubborn "this is total crap" in me wants to hit the breaks and send the kid flying...I mean a lil' break tap never hurt anyone. Right?
But...with Scooby, I would be calling on, what I already know is going to be a tough afternoon.

I softly pull over with out saying anything.
The kid is STILL standing, jaw set, daring me to "Bring it".

I turn up my radio and start singing along.. "So I put hands up, their singing my song"....I get the other kids to join in.."We're nodding our heads like yeah"...
Scooby starts to SCREECH, he wants to go home. I turn the tunes down a milli-notch and sweetly repeat""DUDE the bus stops in the peeps aren't buckled"..."but heck if your standing join in on my lil' dance party"...he sits, he glares, he buckles.
The eyes say "This aint over B."

We walk in the door, he is the L*A*S*T one to get out of the van, and of course he does not shut it....walk in dumps jacket and book bag on the floor , flips off his shoes and announces " I AM HUNGRY".

I sing song, "As soon as your ready"...he screams "I am READY, get it for me NOW".
I get my Glee tunes a-going "I bust the windows out your car"....
I grab the wooden spoon out of the utensils jar and start singing in it "As soon as you have the van door closed, and school stuff put Aw-ay....I betcha the Mama will give you some Che-ese...and maybe a lil bit of crackers to-ooo". I am groov'n keepin with the tune, too bad my raw talent is wasted on this angry elf.

The sad thing is he feels so justified, his hands are clenched in angry fists.
So I do what any "normal" Mom would do..I grab the string cheese and use it as a microphone. I toss him the wooden spoon and ask him to join in with me. We are taking this show on the road!...he breaks into a side ways grin, "but Mom, I am HUNGRY". I smile down at this cute lil boy...and say "b-u-t Sccccoooobbby, my van door is still open, and your stuff is all over the floor."

He picks it up, he puts it halfheartedly away...and he gets his cheese and crack-a's.

Stay tuned for...the battle of the "But I don't want to do my chores and write my spelling words"...and this is all in the days work of ....DUM-DE-DUM-DUM..."THE CRAZY WOMAN WHOM THOUGHT HAVING NINE KIDS WAS A GOOD IDEA"....

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