Thursday, February 24, 2011

DON'T CARE HOW...I Want It Now

THIS IS A CONSTANT theme in our house....specifically by our teenage dream queen.
I think it is because of the NEED to have their NEEDS met, they can confuse those WANTS with NEEDS! Heck I am guilty of that! Do I specifically NEED a Diet Dr. Pepper, when I am thirsty?...or would water suffice?

I have LEARNED saying "no" or "not right now" French for "Please, please throw a fit, start whining, give me devil eyes, or knock something off the counter."

So I give them the "How bouts".

EXIBIT A: It is Dinner time, I am making Dinner (weird I know) and Papillion come up with a "MooooM ...can I call so and so". Toots has been siting on the couch, picking her nails, watching me juggle two babies and make Dinner, I have hinted at help TWICE.

(Here is a BEAUTIFUL THING....a month ago during therapy , we had a control battle..."THE TRIANGULATION"....I know ya'll know this lil ditty...The "Bad parent vs. the Good parent". Well lil' Miss was telling her therapist how Mom ALLLWWAAAYYYS says "NO", and if we asked Dad he would probably say, "yes" but he is never home. Hmmmmmmmm anyone relate, again, the parent to get closest too..and interacts the most with the THE. BAD. GUY.....and they're Mythology is to get rid of that parent soo they control the other. DIVIDE AND CONQUER!
Well (giggle, snicker-snoo) I agreed to run-every-single-little-request by DAD!~
Guess who is Noooooooo longer the BAD GUY?")

So I say "Well lets wait until we talk to Dad, am sure it will be fine, but "how bout" while we wait you help me make grilled cheese sandwiches". HERE COMES THE EYE comes the "BUT I WANT TO CALL so-and-so NOOOWWW!"

I stopped what I was doing (making homemade Chicken noodle soup for the sickies) and CALLED ALL THE KIDS IN. "BUGS,CHATTER,SCOOBY,PEANUT-BUTTER,DIVA,COOKIE COME HERE QUICK". They all come a running...I announce we are having a "I WANT IT NOW MOMENT"....they know what to we start singing the above...I personally add fish lips to the Aurea by squishing my cheeks together on either side.... watch the magic....

TADA!!!! My silliness and involvement would have months ago been an all night RAGE, complete with door slamming and screaming....did you see the beautiful her smile is? Gosh my girl is lovely!

NEXT: We watched the posted video above...

and at LONG last...DRUM ROLL...still hadn't called "so-and-so"....
Best Grilled Cheese sandwiches EVA!...just cause they were made with L.O.V.E.

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