Tuesday, February 22, 2011

P.S. a lil' shout out and a prayer Request

Chatter Box my sweet/ chatty seven year old is trying a Therapeutic Pre-school tomorrow. She will be going Wednesdays and Fridays.
I. am. nervous.
She has a hard time, not controlling EVERYTHING.
She is really good at , non-sence chatter,and questions, a whiz a lying and creating drama for attention. She can't let anyone else have the "floor" so to speak.
She drowns out my three five year olds on any given day.

She needs help, she needs practice.

So her Therapist recommended this program that they do at the Therapy office.
Her Therapist will be there, available. The teacher is well trained. This might get interesting!
Please keep my little sweetie in your prayers. That God might calm her heart enough to let go of the need to control, to calm her heart and mind so she can learn tools, can make friends, heck -A- friend, with out feeling the stress to compete for attention. So she might retain and remember what she is being taught.

Sweet Dreams,


  1. Ditto Noelle, can't wait to see your sweet baby safley in your arms!!!