Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Versitile Blogger Award!

I received this award from the awesome Quacken Mama at Quackenbaby.blogspot.com.
Never had a Blog award, shucks, I was touched. I don't feel like my ramblings do much, other than tell my truth, my struggles and victories. Thank you all that have supported my two month old baby blog!

Ten things about me:

1.Growing up everyone thought I would be a Famous Actress (I did dabble in Film, & TV) …I had a theater scholarship for college. Someday when I have more time I would love to participate again locally.
2.I love photography! LOVE IT, LOVE IT…I can get overwhelmed when I have too many jobs to edit, but feel so blessed I can express emotions through this medium. I am thinking about publishing an essay in Pictures of Haiti and turning it into a Coffee Table Book to benefit Haiti.

3. I am kind a granola. I like using herbs, essential oils, healthy diet, exercise and massage before using drugs, or antibiotics. My kids had never taken antibiotics…that changed once the Haitian crowd got here. We also Home School...LOL...I never thought I would be one of "those Mom's", but I love it! Each day is open to new possibilities, We can go to a museum, do science experiments, have one day totally concentrated on one thing the kids want to learn about...how many third graders do you know speaks pretty fluent Creole, and has traveled to Haiti and feed orphans to cover her Global Awareness standard. LOL. I know most our families think I am crazy..but I really am proud of it.

4. I was diagnosed with Lupus when I was 18. My liver and kidney’s were shutting down while I was going to two separate colleges with different majors and working two jobs as a CNA for an Elderly man with Cerebral palsy and teaching preschool at a Daycare. My Dr. told me I had to go straight home and go to bed for eight months… I had to drop everything, leave school in the middle of semester and jobs, and my friends…Oh and my boyfriend dumped me..It was FREAKING awesome…Oh and my Dr. also told me would probably never be healthy enough to have kids….bring it.

5. I am STUBBORN…like beyond what you would think …which is why, I am drug free (for my Lupus)…have given birth to two kiddos out of my body (which almost killed me TWICE) and so far have seven and counting children born from my heart. Don’t tell me I can’t or shouldn’t do something ….because I will prove you wrong every time. :0)

6. I have been pregnant 11 times and had two live births….so yeah, my kids WERE hard to get here and I DID NOT do it the EASY way!

7. I used to LOVE to cook and be a hostess in my home. We have some pretty sweet parties at our house. I like to cook Thai, Haitian, and pretty much anything. I have been really into making our own bread lately….and lots of VEGGIES!!!

8. I love to read.I read A LOT of Parenting Book, some Historic Novels, Biography’s (just read “Love Eternal” about Mary Todd Lincoln) or up lifting spiritual material….I love the classics and read them over and over again…I almost get in book moods. I also once in a while like mindless fiction for fun..When I really don’t want to think…LOL..I take these books back and forth on Planes during my Haiti trips.

9. I love being out side, I have 48 rose bushes and 100’s of plants at our new house , I wish I had more time for all of it …but I love feeling the sun on my face. I am a summer girl, I love camping, hiking and being at the beach. If I could live anywhere I would love to either have a cottage on the Atlantic Ocean or a Farm house on Acreage.

10. I am so lucky to be married to my husband. He is Stubborn too ….but he is a good balance for me and keeps me in check when I try to take too much on. He is my home project partner and has rocked at learning to do Wainscoting and tile. I love that he still whips out his guitar every night and sings with the kids. I love that he more than supports me with the crazy and jumps on in!

~I need to pass this on to another bloger...so Diana at Gold to Refine at blogspot you have been awarded the Versitile Blogger Award!

I just adore Diana, have chatted with her, gained support from her and love her wise patient words..read her...LOL...sI am sure most of you do anyway! Can't wait to meet her on the Utah Drama Mama's Retreat!!!!

Award winners should copy award, tell everyone ten things about themselves and pass the award on.


  1. I just read Still Alice- about a fictional woman with early onset alzheimer's.

    It was one of those one day reads because it was so good.

    I also just finished The Warmth of Other Suns- about the great migration of African americans from the south to up north and out west. It took me 3 weeks. Big thick book- lots to process- parts that made me sick- but I learned a lot that I was not aware had happened- and so close to when we were born.

    Oh ya- and I read a Jodi Picoult book over the weekend. :)

    I have to read a non thinking book or two after I read a "thinker"

    The Water for Elephants movie comes out this weekend I think- Jeff and I will have to have a date night Saturday night.

    love you

  2. Ah, sweet girl! I adore you, too! Looking very forward to hanging out with you in person, too! Thanks for the Blog Love!

  3. :) I love reading your blog. I learn so much from you! And I loved getting to know you more through this post. I am curious, do you use an online curriculum to home teach?

  4. Glad you found time to do this! Happy I got to share the "award" with you! I have enjoyed your blog a lot because when I read it, I feel like I am reading my own words! :)

  5. I love this glimpse of you. You are such a beautiful woman. I am so grateful to learn from you.