Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cleaning up Spills and Moving on?

It’s been a week.
Papillion is home.
Hubs interviewed for new job, 4 hours away.
We all went, 11 people, 1 hotel room = chaos.
We will know tomorrow or Tuesday.
Life will turn upside down again.
My kids will wig.
They already did simply with the possibility: driving and looking at new houses.
The wigged, raged, did radtastic behaviors, and we are all still breathing.
If we hear the job is a “Go Thundercat”…
1. I will be at home 4 hours away single-Mommin’ it until we can sell house.
2. I know I can do a lot of things, but this seems terrifying.
3. I will do it anyway, we will heal this too.

Took teen to an incredible talk given by a woman, from Sierra Leon….3 hours worth of driving, stubborn teen + silent treatment + 1 hour freak out over random new cell phone request…but we went anyway, I wanted to hit the breaks, and kit her rotten, spoiled, whiney-hiney out of my car 100x.
I fantasized about it…..and I sang “WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER HERO”…and other 80’s rock band Glee revivals….but on I drove, head ponding, ignoring my adrenalin….and we got there….and the teen stopped….

It. Was. Inspiring. And I think I needed it as much as Papillion. We built Hygiene kits for woman. These are similar to the kits, I was able to brig with me to Haiti after the earthquake, 4,500 of them.

I saw the difference them made, I handed them to crying bleeding, traumatized women and children…. I used one for ten days.
Sometimes I realize, when I am stuck, when I don’t want to put one foot in front of the other, when I am SICK, and TIRED and throwing myself the mother of all “poor me parties” (which always includes chocolate)…I HAVE to stop, seek reminders for the gifts and blessings I do have…and take the time to do, and go, and serve….because when you are filling up someone else’s bucket, some will spill into your own as well.


  1. Well, I have 9 less kids to deal with... but my husband took a job 3 hours away, mine freaked over house hunting, he will be living apart from us for a month and a half. Home on weekends... where ever home is. I guess we will go to NC to try and slowly transition them.

    Moving sucks for everyone!

  2. Oy! Change is so hard. I think the only thing worse is anticipating the chaos that comes riding along without any invitation at all.

    Hang in there! Maybe we'll have to make a road trip to come and mix your chaos up a wee bit.

    So is this potential move closer or further away from me?

  3. Praying. Hoping. Begging God to help you.

  4. I awarded you the Versitile Blogger Award because I really enjoy your blog! You can read about it on my blog. Don't feel obligated to do it or pass it on... I know you've got WAY BIGGER fish to fry! :)

  5. Are you LDS? I'm so thankful I stumbled upon your blog. It's here, I don't feel nearly as alone with raising our adopted son. Thank you.

  6. Oh wow! My first award eva!!! THANK YOU...I feel like I am horrible at blogging, but just needed to start telling the truth! Looks like your on the moving wagon too!GOOOD LUCK!!! and YES moving SUCKS for everyone!!! shucks I will give er a go tomorrow!

    He. did. not. get. "the job"....back to the drawing board!

    Still moving - hope and excitement of new job, and stiking with the old crappy one (yeah)...but not so much.

    So not moving towns...yet, don't cha just LOVE limbo?

    Mrs. Kish, yes I am LDS...where are you????

  7. We're in MN. I haven't found any other LDS families with adopted kids (specifically with RAD) in MN. I wish I had closer support, however, I am so thankful for the internet and blogs. I feel more connected to some blogs over others.