Monday, April 18, 2011

Missed the Freaking Ferry

I sooooo missed the theraputic parenting ferry from “Normalville” to “Crazytown” this morning. I don’t even wanna catch the later ferry, I miss Normalville, yet after three rages this morning. I am guessing Normalville just isn’t my cup o’ tea, no matter how much selfishly I want to be there today, normal for a day,selfish for a day, RAD free for a day.
I went swimming this morning at , finished at . My 2 older more regulated kiddo’s  go to a Montessori school around 8, my hubbie is in charge of their getting ready, lunches, breakfast and morning devotional…the little “disregulators”, have to wait and do a later breakfast with Mom, cause we were having WAY to many morning sabotage moments, and after 15 tardies, we had to switch things up….they are “supposed” to sleep in, however with the hyper vigilant behaviors hitting la casa lately…not so much.

I have Lupus, it sucks, it is painful and chronic, and *most* of the time I ignore it. I have a trunk load of joint problems, swelling issues and all around yuckiness, no biggie, I have coped since I was 18. I have to exercise for my circulation, cause Raynauds is a VERY real part of the party raging in my body. I walk, run, elliptical, swim/do something everyday…some days I over do …and throw my body into a flare, that can kick my butt, keep me from walking, lifting my arms over my head…keep me from standing with out passing out….so I have to balance, know my bod pay attention to me, and well since I have so much time on my’s easy! (Note: the sarcasm)

I over did it this morning. Nice that I can get home by , and have 2 hours to myself, to lay, rest, soak my joints, before “the seven” need fed, clothed and schooled. …every joint had a heart beat, my nose even hurt. I loaded up on some fresh pineapple (a natural anti-inflammatory)…and crawled in bed. I listened as Hubs, got three of em up and going.
I snuggle in fully aware I have 1 hour and 45 minutes to wallow rest, until my day officially started.

Chatter comes in, “Mom do I have school today?” (she knows she does NOT have school)
“What day is is sweetie.?”
“Do you have school on Monday?”
“O.K. Well since we were up until 1 putting your extensions in, how bout you go lay back down, until it’s time for you to get up.”
(they have a clock with an alarm, so they know when it is “time” to come down stairs….)

“SNIFFFFF, “K, mom”.
“Love you Chatter”.

I KNOW WHAT IS COMING, I know she is about to go balls out crazy, I know it, and I hurt, and I don’t want to be patient, I don’t want to worry about her crazy needs, I don’t care if she is headed for Melt-Downville (it’s the stop  next to Crazytown).

I hear the door slam and think “Seriously”.

5 precious minutes later, Hubbie leaves and two nano seconds later, the WAILING and KNASHING of teeth start. She waited for Dad to leave, so yours truly could deal with the Drama. If ya have any advice for how I should have delt with her, calmly, lovingly and empathetically, ya’ll can shove it,
 keep it to yourself, remember I DID NOT TAKE THE FREAKING FERRY today.

I walk in, blaze in with eyes of fury.

“WHAT?, what is the problem?”

“Diva say, she going to make a big mess in my room and no clean it up!”, followed by huge dramatic sob and banshee like wail.



“…well then I am going to go lay down, and if I hear another peep…we will have to add an hour until we go down for Breakfast, got it?”

(Just in case you are ready to whip out the “Mother of the Year Award out”)….I then slammed the door…..

NOTE: I hope somewhere, behind the tsking of your teeth and the shaking of your head, I am helping some Mama who blew it today feel better.

But ….it got better…(and I am hurting so bad, I just want to crawl in bed and die…..)
At least at  this point, only Diva and Chatter are up…then Cookie (who has been relocated from his prior sleeping arrangement for crimes of humanity)…begs to go sleep in Scoobs now empty bed, “Sure” says I , “just be quite and don’t wake up Dude.”  FAMOUS LAST WORDS…

Cause 3 minutes later ….the loudest, clock radio known to man starts shrieking…Cookie, instead of climbing in bed has let off a sonic BOOM …and awoken , every living thing in my house at 7 :32 a.m.

Babies are up, and I want to cry, pull covers over my head, feed children Benadryl cocktails and put them back to bed (totally semi-kidding on that last one)…

So I wigged, a little A LOT and well was one heck of a crappy pants Mommy…stomped around threw my hands up in the air, yelled and was MAD.....

then I stopped, but on my Big Girl underpants, gave my self a time out…apologized to my kids, made chocolate chip pancakes…and finally got on the freaking ferry. Truth be told…Crazytown , is a heck of a lot better than the Insanityville that Normalville warps into if I don't get on the Stinkn boat.

….and that is how I sometimes totally bite at the Therapeutic Parenting thing.


  1. see- we are learning from our kids...

    sometimes throwing a fit feels kind of good :)

    for a little bit anyway.

  2. I am aching all over just imagining it. You are amazing and brave. Cooking! Wow.

  3. So, I'm a little confused. I don't see what the problem was. I probably would have dealt with it pretty much the very same way. A mama can only take as much as a mama can take.

    The most important thing is that you put the panties on, took care of you, hailed a lifeboat and got on the ferry. And shoot, girl, you even made chocolate chip pancakes to boot! I probably would have thrown a box of cold cereal at the little monsters and told them to enjoy it. :-)

    Loves to you, my darlin'! Hope the rest of the day goes better!

  4. Yeah, I don't get any parenting awards today either. And I don't even care. Tomorrow is another day. Today RAD has sucked the life out of me and I am just POOPED OUT.

  5. You totally rocked it. ROCKED it!
    Hoping today is better :)