Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My kiddo's first Christmas Present:...

....O.K. it's mine too...

Dear Educator,
Thank you so much for teaching my child. I am so grateful for all of your work. The leniency and understanding you have shown while working with my special needs child.
You are such an intricate part in their healing and helping form the person they will be. For that I and my husband are exceedingly grateful.
We continue to being devoted to you and your classroom, and when we have opportunity love to help, enhance and support you and your class whenever we can. Please continue to ask, and we will continue to do what we can, when we can.

As the holidays have arrived so has more anxiety, more difficulty concentrating, more loss and anger and feelings of shame. Imagine how a child of shame feels every time an adult asks “have you been good this year, is Santa bringing you anything”. Many children wiggle under such a question. My son/daughter stays awake at night stewing, worrying, raging, and stressing over these simple things. It is something they can not turn off.

As images of “families” and special times of warm feelings and goodness to all touch all of us so deeply via media and community activities, this season reminds my child, what they lack. Much like looking in a window, watching things from the outside, we are still working and teaching him/her how to get to the other side.

During this season, we are giving our child, no our family a gift. Between Thanksgiving and New Years, we do not do Homework in our home. Call it religious if needs be, we truly want the extra time and energy used for family time, and service. They will be learning, they will be reading, I might even have reports for the to hand in…but, they will not be completing any sent home work, unless they want to.

Thank you for being part of my child’s healing,
Happy Holidays,
The Crapo Family


  1. You are AWESOME!!!! Praying this brings some calm and moments of peace to strengthen your family bonds and make lasting memories. (Yup feeling a bit sappy)


  2. :) This is the reason we told our girls the truth about Santa at 5 and 7. There is no reason for them to live with shame because they feel like they are on a "naughty" list somewhere. It doesn't encourage them to behave, instead it fuels their anxiety to the point they literally CAN NOT behave. I can't see making them accountable to anyone other than themselves and us for their actions. So Santa went bye-bye the moment my 5 year old asked if he was real. I refuse to lie to them, it breaks every "trust" rule we've put in place in the last 17 months.

  3. You are one brilliant lady! I pray the teachers understand your intentional and careful decision for the health of your family.

  4. Love this....love love love it!!!
    I'm with Medkid....PRAYING they can understand and make some concessions......and if I've said this once, I've said it 100 times, you're such an inspiration!