Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Snake Oils, Kitty Litter in Capsules, and such witchery…

Yup, here she goes again, talking about alternative methods to get into our children’s brains, hearts, and souls.
Dang-it, cause I am not going to leave well enough alone. I am not going to stop at Weekly visits to a therapist, and Monthly visits to a child psychologist and believe that is all my kids will need in order to heal? No mam’ …because if that was all it took, I would pay the bill and have everything, all better. Like magic.

But healing, deep down healing, well it takes a lot of things. It takes miracles, it takes taking chances, it takes trying weird things that just.might.work.

I know, I know, I understand your hesitation…”but Linds, I am walking on egg shells over here, what if I try some new fangled thing and it all goes to hell, all blows up in my face, I mean I am barley hanging on here, every day I am one second away from someone, (including myself) blowing in a major way.”

I so get you.

I so get the desperation of wanting anything, being willing to try, do, have them swallow A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. that would help my kids heal….


and you know some things have worked.
Remember my husband is a therapist…and weekly I am busting something out, that he is super skeptical of…
Things people scoff at, things that get responses like “That’s just CRAZY talk”..yeah, well, maybe….but it is WORKING….how you like them apples darlin’?
And then my therapist-y husband, uses them with his clients… see founders fee’s people, he should be paying em.

What I am talking about is :

Hula Hooping, Strengthening my kiddo’s core, helping them become more coordinated, stronger from the inside out. Creating a healthy pattern of movement, building their self esteem…my children began being able to retain information and learn better, with hula-hooping.

Crawling techniques: There we days we crawled everywhere….crawled and crawled, taking my kids back to basic play and discovery they lost in their toddler years, not having enough freedown to explore and discover. Also allowing them to mourn babyhood, see the world from a perspective they were robbed of. That’s it people crawling…and sometimes BIG, and I mean HUGE feelings came out.

Essential Oils: See there will be one I lose you on…hmm maybe I lost you at the title, and you have read on out of sheer “sheah right-ness”….
I use oils for calming, oils for headaches, oils and scents for healing. Oils for Energy….and you know what, as my children become more in tune with them selves, they ask for them. My two year old can go pick up a vial with Germanium, Lavender, and clove and know, this one makes her ear aches go away….and the tea tree heals her rashes….I am just saying, don’t knock something until you have tried it…
*cough* speaking of knocking,,,, er “Tapping” maybe…that would be the biggest gift I have tripped upon.

Tapping: As my now “in real life friend” and person I adore to the moon and back Lisa says, “Even bad Tapping, is good Tapping.” Tapping has given my children an unexplainable gift in their journey to healing. I do not have words to explain the mountains I see being moved EVERY DAY , all in the way EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is working on them. Lisa has “how to” tapping video’s on her blog here, and here, and here. I am not here to reinvent the wheel people ( just loving it up like a fly on cow poop), go somewhere where someone already has this covered learn..give er a whirl…and then try it again later. And then again, and again.

And then, you should try it again.

…and then go find Brad Yates on you tube….

and then do it , again.

I have a little testimonial…(it’s the Tammy Faye Baker in me)…but you know, I am so sure , tapping can help your child…I will get all cheesy and testimonial on your butt, just to get  you to try it, and comment on here what a total dork I am. Fine, do it, I dare you.  

TESTIMONIAL: (warning shameless bragging involved)

I got a phone call from Chatters school this week.

Surprisingly some of the Tapping words we had been working on were. Stealing: “Even though, I sometimes feel I have to take things that don’t belong to me, because deep down I think I have to have them to feel O.K., I am still a really great kid, and my Mama loves me.”

Lying: “Even though I think if I lie, instead of giving someone the whole truth , I am keeping myself safe , and not having to give them parts of me I am afraid to, even though I feel that way, I can free that fear by telling the truth, and with that truth the fear has no place to go, so it leaves my body.”

This is my child that steals and lies 100 x a day. It is what she does. How she controls that which she can not.
Enter phone call:
Principle: “We had a little problem today, we had a student of the month award today, the little girl who won, is in fact Chatters best friend.”
Later in the day, it was noticed, the candy bar, and certificate that the little girl got, was in fact missing. The teacher created a safe environment, and told the class…that whoever took the candy and certificate, if sometime today they wanted to come up and tell the truth, she would help them deal with it quietly.
My little girl. My sweet girl, full of anxiety and shame, the one that would lie about the color of the sky on bad days to feel safe…bravely walked to the front of the classroom, and told the truth, retrieved the wrapper from where it came from, and apologized to her friend.


When she came home, she shared with me about how much her heart was hurting and beating so fast she thought she was going to be sick, and then she whispered…”but I did it Mama, I did it, and I am not carrying it around with me now, it’s not here hurting my brain, or here hurting my heart.”

We tapped again to this video….and then let her take a big rest….afterward making plans on how she can make it right….doing chores in order to buy her friend a candy bar and replace the stolen one.

I can’t give words for what that day meant for me. The hope and healing I saw. There was not a 5 hour long rage. There was not destruction of her things in the shame of what she had done. Months ago I would not have thought this scenario was possible, yet here we are. Standing in the middle of miracles…

Snake oils? Maybe…
but why the heck not give em a whirl?


  1. I absolutley adore you Lindsay and I also take help from everywhere I get it. I have used tapping for myself, but this is a great reminder to use it with the kids. YOU ARE AWESOME MAMA!!

  2. Amazing! I need to keep up the tapping with myself and my kids.

  3. Ah, that story put the big fat stupid smile on my face. Good for her, SO good for her!

  4. you are rockstar and is sounds as though Miss Chatter is well on her way to being one as well, love ya!

  5. Wow! So AMAZING and so happy for you!

  6. Shhh...don't tell. I already do most of what you talked about. Some of it has big triggers for me attached to it, but I'm working on getting over those. It's one of the bills I need to pay in order to help my kids heal. :-)

  7. Way to go Chatter!!! (And Mom!) Love that story! Tapping has been a gift in our home, too.

  8. ps. Can you do a post sometime on the essential oils? How to use them? What works for what? Where to buy them?

    1. Sure will...and I will give lots of places to go online for info and where to get good quality oil. I don't sell them or anything...but you know ...never want to push things to make people go buy.

  9. Ooooo! I got chills when I read Chatter's story! So much progress! She should be very proud of herself and you, too, mom.

  10. love it all!

    and I think ANYTHING is worth at least one try!

  11. Amazing. I teared up reading chatter's story. I was cheering for her. The lying and stealing made me feel so unsafe in my own home, but I can only imagine how unsafe J must feel to need to do those things so constantly.

    Healing is hard work.

  12. What a big day!!! Kudos mama, keep on!

  13. Long reply erased by stupid blogger. Everything was fine until I had to start using g-mail at work. :(

    Anyway, your daughter's story made me cry; I doubt I could do that. That was huge. I hope you are REALLY nice to that teacher! I'm overwhelmed by her. Few teachers could resist the desire to shame and provide "discipline" as a "statement" to the other kids, if nothing else. You are so lucky.

  14. I love that you posted this! Very interesting. I too would love to get more details on the essential oils! I've heard great things about fish oils (cod), too. Do you supplement with these at all?

  15. You rock mama!

  16. Thank you for sharing Miss Chatters success with us. She is not only beautiful but also very brave! High fives to both of you!

  17. I am THRILLED to be looking into tapping. The excitement inside of me is nearly explosive. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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