Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Parenting in Space 2012

Soooo I am not going to beat-around-the-bush about this. Nope.

I am going to lay it out, plain and straight and true.

Parenting in Space Conference it is in 3 weeks. It is in Chicago. It is a gift.
….if you are parenting kids from Hard places, if you are trying to help your kids heal from Attachment and Trauma related issues. If you yourself feel alone in this battle. If you are alienated, have little support, few resources, and exhausted and feeling helpless at the future relationship, as will as the future ANYTHING with your child. You. Need. To. Come.

I have been to what feels like 100's of parenting, Early Childhood Trauma, adoption, foster parent conferences...My husband is a therapist, I get into things...most don't. As an adoption professional for 4 years, I have had other resources not offered up to other parents.  You name it, Behavior, Cognitive Development, Adelrian theory..and a GAZILLION others, this is not counting the online Webinars I have participated in...I am dedicated to getting as much information and support I need to help all six of my special needs children. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING has held a candle to what I experienced at Parenting in Space. The safety I felt in being honest and asking real questions, the peer relationships and life long friends I other conference has even touched what this was, and continues to be for me, and the people that attended.

I don’t talk about “all” that goes down in my home. I can’t and won’t and well, it is really overwhelming some of the things that go down…but there, at "Parenting in Space"…a parent can ask REAL questions, the ugly, hard nasty ones, and they don’t push it under the carpet, or change the subject like I have experienced at other conferences…

When you bravely raise your hand, while sitting in the middle of parental peers as ask…”What about over sexualized behavior, what do I do when my child is masturbating in the grocery store?”….and Billy Kaplan stops, meets your eyes with love, and understanding…and simply says “I am so sorry, and yes, let’s talk about this.”


They cover, school needs, play therapy, the physical and psychological effect od what Trauma really does to the brain, how to connect, repair, communicate and love your child in ways they need you to…and how to heal YOUR heart. The staff is phenomenal. They truly care about helping you, they listen, because they know, regardless of their degree’s and professional expertise, the recognize, we, the parents do this work everyday…and respect and support that. I will say that again, professionals that respect and support you, the parent.

So let’s go over this again.
Parenting in Space.  House Calls Counseling. Amazing. 6 seats left…only.six.seats.left.

And…Christine (whom I LOVE with words that haven’t been invented yet) will be there, giving pre-conference amazing-ness….if you are going, you don’t want to miss her.

….and I promise I will hug you if you come, and give you a cookie…but most of all a HUGE HUG.


  1. Here's to wishing I didn't live in DEEP South Texas. I would absolutely LOVE to go!!!

  2. CherubMamma,

    There are parents coming from all over the country. I've seriously been counting down the days from the moment the conference ended last year. Lindsay said it perfectly, as well as it can be said, but it really was indescribable. My hubby wasn't able to go last year, but is moving heaven and earth to make it this year. He needs it. He needs to connect with other dads especially. Dads who GET IT!

    Have I mentioned I'm excited?

    What kind of cookies? :)



  3. SKUNK! We are all going to be in Chicago the next weekend for my nephews baptism. SKUNK SKUNK SKUNK!!!
    Maybe you can hang around for a few extra days.....

    1. You have NO IDEA how tempting that would be, me, the magic mile...there is a rumor out there about you and your love for purses and Oprah...Chicago and you...even if it can't happen this time, I am defiantly going to day dream about it!!!

  4. I just found your blog and have only had time to read a few posts, but just wanted to let you know that I am also going to parenting in space and I hope to meet you! I am Nina, foster mom to 2 little boys ages 3 &4. Can't wait for Chicago!

  5. You promises. hug and a cookie. See you there. :-)