Tuesday, April 5, 2011

RE-Entry, laying lowwwww

I got home from the Parenting in Space Conference at last night. ….so your going to have to be patient with me as I put together all of the AWESOME things I learned into rational thought…
I got to the Chicago airport around yesterday morning…my flight was moved from to …no biggie, I read, people watched..and waited..then it got canceled….5 minutes before boarding. Nice. Ended up on a 5:00 flight, missed my shuttle home, and was lucky enough to talk the nice, so sorry I called them stupid heads, in my brain to myself, airlines, that gave me another plane ticket to fly in only an hour away from my home.
I am a VERY good WORN out. I have soo many things that I learned , things  I need to process, flaws in my parenting that I have been making, that  I need to forgive myself for and try my new stuff…most of all , I need to ride out my re-entry. I have been gone for 4 days, that is a LONG time for the Mama to be gone. I am NOT making any sudden movements, my head is NOT going to spin around like the exorcist because I have had one single man and eight children in my home for three days unsupervised by me….and it looks like a small tornado whipped through my house leaving all things in it’s wake. I am holding my neck …very still today.

I am holding everything VERY still today.
A miracle happened this morning. My sweet lil’ Scooby, was the first kiddo that openly let me know that he “Didn’t Miss me the WHOLE time I was gone”. I just shrugged and told him, “That’s O.K. I missed you enough for the BOTH of us”….and Look, look, LOOOOOOK…and what he left on the counter top for me this morning…isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t he beautiful? I cried and my heart felt sooo full and my little guys open gesture of “not gonna tell you, Mama, but I gonna show you” LOVE I got from him today!!!! Now I know as giddy as I am, and as much as I am BRAGGING on here…I have to NOT make it tooooooooo Big of a Deal for him, but still, AWESOME.

This is me laying low, not going back on my no refined sugar thing, until I have properly disposed of the FABULOUS Fannie May Chocolates that she gave me to secretly make me addicted so I have no choice but to return for a visit remind me of Chicago.
This is my notebook of PEALS OF WISDOM I will be sharing with you , and sat on the couch flipping through as I cuddled my short people….this is a chewed on elephant, that was also on my counter.

This is what I did to MAKE sure I hopped back in my bed for a NAP, when I lay the littles down. I ALWAYS make my bed…but to take a GOOD nap, I left it ready, waiting for me to return. Can you hear these covers calling my name?...I am not catching up on laundry today, not pushing kids and behaviors. We are laying low and letting my re-entry be as slow and non-eventful as HUMANLY possible…wish me LUCK!...and on that note….I am getting in that bed!!!! Ni-Night!!!

Did I mention it's "Dip-Dip Night" for Dinner?


  1. Even though I'm on the move driving my father up from his winter in Florida, I, too, am holding still. Something happened this weekend. Something amazing, wonderful and intense. We'll find the words. It was GREAT meeting you!

  2. I totally support the leaving your bed unmade so you can get back in it, i practice leaving it unmade everyday in the hopes that I can get back in. Glad to hear that you learned to so much and that you are taking the time you need to make re-entry a little easier.
    PS Christine sent me, anyone Christine likes has got to a fabulous person cause she has great taste!

  3. Can't wait to hear about your weekend and all the great stuff you learned. Hope you were able to relax a bit and have some good conversation over a nice diet Dr. Pepper :)

  4. You too Billy x 1,000,000!!!! Thank you for the irreplaceable gifts, the music, the laughs and the healing, means more than words can say!!!

    J thanks for the love!!! I ma so gonna statr reading you cause ditto, a freind of Christines...is like finding another long lost sista!

    Amen Deanna, just wish you were sitting at my dinner table, splitting one with me!!!!