Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How we roll...with "Curiosity"

I don't normally post video/pictures of when my kids are triggered or doing rat @$$ crazy $#!%, mice booty silly poo-poo-face stuff associated with their trauma. Yet, after walking a couple of Moms through the "Curiosity" part of S.P.A.C.E"...when dealing with lying, THIS happened, and well I figured THIS would be a good time for me to practice what I preach, even if it didn't go well I videoed, and would not have shared....but since it did...well this might give a really hands on example of how to deal with Behavior/lying/sabotage/and the importance making it right.

Back Story.
(and whoops I do know I used my kids names, meh...)
We are in the throughs of showing our house and hopefully selling it so that we may move to greener pastures (literally)...we want land and animals.
So the big scary of a possible move , we have been talking the stuffing out of every single scenario, re-visiting anxiety;s (yes, your bed comes, and all of our the animals too, no the new people do not get your stuff)
Toss Daddy cleaning all of the carpets with a professional Carpet Cleaner, and it being birthday week, yup the perfect Storm has been a-brewing.

So no surprise here when I found lip-stick smeared all over my newly scrubbed tub this morning, and in my carpet, and in the living room, and in Diva's room. Awesomesauce.

Excuse the fingers blocking a good second half of this video, but I hope it gives a good example of this fine dance,(with ALL of the background insanity of a gazillion kiddo's) I even triggered her, but got her back after inviting her brother to help clean up as well...
For your viewing pleasure "Curiosity": (again sorry about the misplacement of fingers)


Next we You tubed cleaning options: This is a great way yo NOT trigger your kids,them getting "Fix it" or "Make it Right Advice" from someone OTHER THAN YOU...because if you trigger them, are they going to listen to your advice? But will they listen to a random stranger, more than likely. yes.

                                    Making it right:
She didn't like it, she was sad, but she was also relieved, most of all because her birthday is tomorrow. At one point I went in and helped her, she was panicked that it was not coming out perfectly...and I grabbed that gorgeous little face and told her, "No matter what, no matter if it doesn't come out, no matter , maybe if you did do this to the carpet, when you go to bed tonight , i am making cup cakes, we are having your Princess  Birthday party, you matter more than silly carpet."
and this, on a good day, when I have my crap together is how we roll Curiosity style. Yo.

By the way...later I discovered my dog, Wednesday was also a spectacularly familiar shade of "Very Berry" pink....awwwww cute, cute.


  1. you go Mama, you are rockstar! I love the look in her face. My kids were listening and kept commenting on how busted she was, it was such a good learning thing for them cause then we got to talk about how that happens here. Hope today is better, round here we have one who has gone back to bed cause things were going so south this morning that just seemed like the best plan.

  2. Thanks for posting this....it is helpful to watch it in real life, not just to read about it, not just to watch professionals role play it...maybe it's just me, but I sort of hear in your tone in the first video a tiny bit of understandable frustration when you're talking about how Daddy cleaned all the carpets...but you reel it in, make the tone better, and then when another kid comes asking for a snack, you use a good tone with him, too, whereas I would probably have just been frustrated as I told him to stop interrupting. I love the tool of searching for a solution from a neutral third party but really love your tone and words as you thank her for helping you out and tell her she's awesome.

  3. Thank you for posting this! So helpful and awesome. Hope the pink came out eventually.